On-The-Go SUV Mattress

$ 299.00 USD
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How To Purchase

Right now we have the builds of all Toyota 4Runners. Choose the Year of your 4Runner and proceed to the checkout.

If you have another vehicle and would like a custom mattress please give us a call at 866-244-0898 and we would love to help you out!


The On-The-Go Mattress is made to make all your adventures that much more comfortable! The key to this mattress (besides its comfort) is the Fluid Proof Nylon Zipper Cover. When you are adventuring it usually comes with getting dirty. Well, this cover makes it easy to wipe away any dirt or liquid that makes its way on to the mattress. It is 4.5" in height to save you head room, but it provides plenty of comfort and support for a great night's sleep!