The Story of Engineered Sleep

In 1931, Jay Orders' great-grandfather started a mattress company in Greenville called, Orders Mattress Company. That business then became known as Orderest and then Park Place Corporation. Jay (4th generation) is still in mattress manufacturing 90 years later, as Engineered Sleep Mattress Company, and they make around 300 mattresses every single day in Greenville, SC.

"We believe we have thrived for two simple reasons—trust and quality. Our service and dedication to customer satisfaction is why people buy from us. Our goal as a company is to make mattress buying less difficult. Our customers know that if they are unhappy for any reason, we will take care of them and leave them sleeping comfortably. We are a true direct-to-consumer business, we manufacture all of our mattresses on Congaree Road in Greenville, SC. The strong tradition of manufacturing in the Upstate has made it an excellent place for us to succeed. We love doing business in Greenville because of its sense of community."

Jay Orders, Co-Founder

We are proud of the mattresses we manufacture and the level of excellence we strive to offer each customer that visits our showroom or buys a mattress through our website. We have a legacy and a standard to uphold and the bar was set high by the generations before us.