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About Us

Family Owned

All of us have a story and ours revolves heavily around making mattresses. It runs in the family and it has for a long time...86 years to be exact! We love what we do and we stand by our products.



All the materials we acquire are from companies right here in the USA. You can come in our facility and watch as these materials are cut, glued, sewed, and tape edged to eventually produce a product that we are proud to manufacture and proud to sell to our customers. It is an original product that we made and it will go straight from us to your bedroom. No middle man marking up the price. No sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. Growing up your mom always told you to, "make your bed." Well, we agree with mom and we want you to be able to make a bed that is just for you.



Value is this...what is the highest quality product I can get for the least amount of money? It is a sliding scale. You can buy a mattress for very cheap, but it will be a cheap mattress. You can buy a very expensive mattress, but what makes it so expensive? Well, we will put our "value" up against anyone in the market.



We are very unique in the sense that we have our manufacturing and our retail all in one building. This allows us to add a whole new element to your mattress shopping experience. Our showroom is designed to dial in the perfect mattress for your optimal sleeping experience. If you buy online we offer a 90 Day Comfort Guarantee - we fully believe that we can get it right every time!

We LOVE what we do, we LOVE people, and we LOVE making our customers happy.

Visit Our Mattress Showroom:
Engineered Sleep
627 Congaree Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

Stop by and enjoy some free coffee, free conversation, and experience the way every mattress should be purchased!