Everything we do has a specific purpose. Mattresses have been made the same way for generations because that is all anyone ever knew. Yes, the materials have evolved but the design has not. Our two piece design aims to change the way people look at how a mattress should be designed. There is a better way.


Comfort and Support are essential to a good nights sleep. They are intertwined and when one fails, the other suffers. Comfort layers take the majority of the abuse from nightly sleeping. A good support layer lasts many times the life of a good comfort layer. Often leaving a supportive, but uncomfortable mattress.

Our Answer

The DUO mattress offers the ability to replace your comfort layer whenever you want. There is no reason to throw away a perfectly good support, and there is no reason to keep sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Simply refresh your comfort.

Our Story

We have been making mattresses since 1931 so we have pretty much seen it all. Everyone has a story and its hard to figure out who to believe. Sadly, most stories are just that. They are designed to draw you in with no tangible benefit to the customer. We are committed to only offering products that bring valuable features and benefits to our customers. Our reputation is everything and we would never risk it just to make a dollar with a product we do not believe in. The generations of mattress makers before us would have it no other way.

Historical Photos

James B Orders II receiving an industry award.

James B Orders II enjoying dinner with a business associate.

James B Orders III promoting a new product launch with a trip to Hawaii.

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