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DUO Epic Mattress

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If you are looking for an Alaskan King, Wyoming King or any other oversize mattress size you have come to the right place. Our DUO Epic comes with the same benefits of our DUO Latex mattress, but BIGGER! This mattress is the best of the best. The Latex Comfort layers are made in one piece, but the DUO Core Support is made in 2-pieces. This allows for easy shipping and assembly - as well as being able to flip each DUO Core Support to the firmer or softer side to create different feels. Since the DUO Core is in 2 pieces you can make one half of the bed a little softer or firmer than the other.

Our patent-pending CLING technology holds all 3 pieces together and they will not move an inch!

We offer sheets to fit each size and you can also give us a call if you need help with bed frame options.

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Simplifying Oversized Mattresses

Ships via FedEx Ground in 3 boxes.

All 3 pieces attach through our proprietary CLING™ method.

The DUO Epic Support is flippable with a firmer and softer side.

Engineered Sleep's DUO Epic Mattress



Designed in three separate pieces consisting of (2) support bases made with thousands of individually pocketed coils and (1) comfort layer with you choice of either the Latex or the Latex Plus.

Oversized Mattresses

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The ES Perfect sizes allow you to purchase an affordable bed frame option straight from our website!

If you need a bed frame for a Wyoming King, Texas King or Alaskan King give us a call to get a quote.



Where do find sheets for these giant mattresses?! We have you covered with these classic heirloom, 300 thread count, 100% sateen cotton sheets.