The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress
The ES Mattress

The ES Mattress

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*Comes with a 60 Night Comfort Exchange + a 60 Night Risk Free Sleep Trial*

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Quick Overview

The ES Mattress is a hybrid latex mattress. It includes the Quantum Edge Coil and either 2, 3, or 4 inches of Dunlop Latex. The two-piece mattress design is simple and brilliant. You will love this mattress!

Sorrento 2" Comfort Option = 12" Total Height with a firm feel

Trento 3" Comfort Option = 13" Total Height with a luxury firm feel

Villa 4" Comfort Option = 14" Total Height with a plush feel

The ES Mattress Support (Firmer/Softer Dual Support)

For the support of the mattress we use the Quantum Edge Elite Combi-Zone Coil with Dual Support. As you can see in the images it uses smaller 16 gauge coils around the perimeter of the mattress for exceptional edge support. It also uses these 16 gauge coils through the center third of the mattress to provide extra support for your lumbar region, which gives you perfect spine alignment. It supports your mid-section while still relieving your shoulder of any pressure. Genius! We have story after story of people being freed from back pain because of this support.

Coil Count: 756 (Twin) and 1,414 (King)

The ES Mattress Comfort (3 Options)

The comfort portion of a mattress is where every sleeper has a different preference. Some people want to sleep on the floor and some people want to float on the clouds. Well, we cover it all with these 3 Dunlop Latex comfort options.

The Sorrento 2" (Firm)

If you are looking for a firm mattress...this is it! You can even make it firmer by flipping over The ES Support because of the Firmer/Softer Dual Support. The 2 inches of Dunlop latex + the Organic Cotton fabric allow you to roll over with ease and provide a sleeping surface that is firm and COOL. This a great mattress for a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper.

The Trento 3" (Luxury Firm)

Firm, but not too firm. This mattress is well balanced and with the Dual Support you can choose between a medium-firm and a firm feel just by flipping over The ES Support. The 3 inches of Dunlop latex + the Organic Cotton fabric allow you to roll over with ease. This a great mattress for a back/side sleeper!

The Villa 4" (Plush)

If you are a side sleeper or just prefer a plusher mattress The Villa 4" is made for you. You upgrade to 4 inches of a softer Dunlop latex and it feels like heaven. It provides incredible pressure relief to your hips and joints. It is hard to explain how comfortable this mattress is to sleep on - it must be experienced!

We use Dunlop Latex because it sleeps cool and provides a uniform feel for the life of the latex (10 to 15 years). Latex responds quickly to pressure which means body impressions are very unlikely. The "springy" feel of latex allows you to sleep "on" the mattress vs "in" the mattress.

Explaining The ES Mattress Two-Piece Design

Simply put...we separated the support part of the mattress from the comfort portion of the mattress and attached them together with our patented zipper design. Why?

    • The support will last 30+ years; The comfort top will last 10 to 15 years.
    • Instead of buying a new mattress every 8 to 10 years you can just replace the topper portion!
    • Our 60 Day Comfort Guarantee. If its too firm or too soft it is an easy fix with this design. No complicated returns!
    • No "bunching up" of the mattress when used with an adjustable bed.

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