ES Duo Mattress Topper

$ 349.00 USD

We use 18-21 ILD Soft Dunlop Latex in each of these mattress toppers because it sleeps cool and provides a uniform feel for the life of the latex. Latex responds quickly to pressure which means body impressions are very unlikely. The "springy" feel of latex allows you to sleep "on" the mattress vs "in" the mattress.

Sorrento 2" means it has 2 inches of Dunlop Latex.

Trento 3" means it has 3 inches of Dunlop Latex.

Villa 4" means it has 4 inches of Dunlop Latex.

The more latex, the softer the feel.

These can be purchased as replacement toppers for your ES Duo or ES Organa or as normal toppers for a different mattress.