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ES Duo Mattress

$ 799.00 USD
Comfort Topper
Added Zoned Lumbar Support


Through four generations of designing and manufacturing mattresses to deliver perfect sleep…we finally cracked the code! The ES Duo is a revolutionary design breakthrough. A 2-Piece hybrid latex mattress intentionally designed to deliver ultimate bliss for your individual needs.

A perfect combination of comfort and support!

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Our Signature Design

Specially Crafted & Eco-Friendly
This is a hybrid latex mattress made in Greenville, SC by Engineered Sleep Mattress Company. It sleeps very cool and uses high quality Dunlop latex and pocketed coils. It comes in firm, medium and soft.


Our ES Duo delivers comfort through latex foam which is a durable and ultra-resilient material. Latex foam is designed to reduce pressure points which decreases tossing and turning. It provides temperature regulation through perforations which increase airflow and breathability. Our goal is to provide undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Our ES Duo, hybrid latex mattress comes with two different support options. One adds increased support in the lumbar area and one is a uniform support across the entire mattress. Both have great edge support.


1. It starts with heavy duty individually wrapped coils for enhanced motion isolation to reduce partner disturbance.

2. It offers a two-sided system that allows you to have dual firmness by simply flipping the support to the opposite side and attaching your topper.

3. You have the option to add zoned lumbar support to the center-third of the mattress. This increases support for your hips and lower back and creates a firmer mattress.

4. We know you sit on your bed sometimes so we designed the Ultra-Edge Side Support to provide extra support when sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Zipper Attachment

A product designed to last. With our "Zipper Attachment Method" you can attach and detach the comfort from the support.

The Mattress Specs

Mattress Height

ES Duo + Sorrento 2" = 12"

ES Duo + Trento 3" = 13"

ES Duo + Villa 4" = 14"

Coil Count

Twin = 676 Twin XL = 728 Full = 977 Queen = 1,166 King = 1,450 Cal-King = 1,416

Edge Support: 16 Gauge Coil

Lumbar Support: 17 Gauge Coil (only if added)

Head and Foot: 14 Gauge Coil

Dunlop Latex

18-21 ILD Firmness Rating


Additional Info

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