Why sleep on a latex mattress?

Latex and hybrid latex mattresses have become very popular - for good reason! Latex has many benefits to getting a good night of sleep. On this page we are going to break down why a latex mattress is a good choice for your next mattress.

Latex Sleeps Cool

When you are choosing what type of foam to use in your mattress most people are deciding between memory foam or latex. If sleeping cool is important to you then latex wins this battle by a long shot. It is one of the cooler, if not the coolest, sleeping foams on the market. Latex does not trap heat, unlike memory foam, and in almost all cases it is perforated with holes which only helps.

Latex Is Naturally Derived

Latex is naturally derived and is made from the fluid that comes out of a Rubber Tree. For people who want an organic or natural mattress most of your options will include latex. In fact, there are not many mattress options that do not include latex.

There is synthetic, 100% natural, and synthetic + natural blend options. All 3 options can be made using the Dunlop or Talalay manufacturing process. You can find all kinds of debates on the internet about which one is better, etc, etc. You want to buy your mattress from a brand that you trust.

Latex Is Responsive

One of the more important aspects of having latex in your mattress is the feel! Latex can be super soft, super firm, or anything in between, but even the soft latex is responsive. What we mean by this is that you can sink in and get comfort with soft or medium latex, but you will not feel stuck. You can still roll over with ease. The firmer latex is typically used for support while the medium and soft latex is used to provide comfort. Unless you prefer a very firm mattress.

Latex Is Durable

Latex is known for lasting longer than any other type of foam (memory foam, polyfoam, gel). The core ingredients come from a Rubber Tree, which allow it to perform similarly to other rubber products, such as car tires. You still need to rotate or flip your mattress because any foam will soften if you sleep in the exact same spot every single night. Softening is very different than causing an indentation or body impression. It will take many, many years for a body impression to set in on a latex mattress.