Why is mattress shopping so confusing?

In this video Rob showcases one of the classic reasons as to why mattress shopping can be difficult for a consumer.

⭕️ The market is extremely saturated!

⭕️ Larger brands spend tons every year on marketing!

⭕️ Mattress pricing is all over the place!

When the average consumer starts the shopping process, it's extremely challenging to know where to go and who to trust. Based on what we know, marketing can play a huge role in impacting a consumers decision. Just because they have great marketing, it doesn't necessarily mean they have a great product.

When in the market for a new mattress:

❇️ Ask questions about what components are in the product and why?

❇️ Don't simply buy from the first place you go. Do your due diligence!

❇️ Mattresses vary in price. The more expensive the mattress may not necessarily mean the higher quality!

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