"Where You Sleep Matters" by Swamp Rabbit Inn

Where do you sleep? 

It’s something we do everyday, yet something many of us don’t give as much attention as we should. Have you ever taken the time to investigate mattress brands and options? Well, we did. After all, we’re a company who sells places to celebrate, make memories, and sleep. We all know the statistics of the health benefits of a good night’s sleep, and consistent nights of  good sleep. 

Yet, so many of us just accept that hand me down mattress or the one that just came with the furniture you chose. We won’t even discuss some of the mattresses we’ve seen on our travels. 

What if you knew, each night that you went home, and every time you came to your favorite Greenville and Travelers Rest getaway, that you’d get your best sleep possible. It is possible, if you’re traveling to Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties and sleeping on an Engineered Sleep Mattress. 

We found out about Engineered Sleep because they are a local company in Greenville, South Carolina. As we started learning more about Engineered Sleep and their products, we knew we had a lot in common. Engineered Sleep manufactures high quality mattresses at affordable prices. When we went to their showroom for the first time, we were able to learn about how mattresses are made, and we even got to see some being manufactured while we were there. 

Engineered Sleep is passionate about giving each customer that walks through their doors a great night’s sleep, and that’s exactly what we want for our guests. We want you to sleep well, wake rested, and have the energy for all the adventures that await you in our beautiful community. Engineered Sleep educated us on all the benefits of their products, and helped us select the right mattresses for our guests. In fact, our most recent member of Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties, Lola the Vintage Camper, is outfitted with a custom Engineered Sleep mattress. 

We share a common vision with Engineered Sleep that good rest doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Engineered Sleep wants each mattress to provide ten to fifteen years of dreams and comfort, and they stand behind their belief that it’s more than possible with their products. They manufacture over 250 mattresses per day, and use organic materials in their manufacturing process. This results in a very clean, comfortable, high quality product. Engineered Sleep prides themselves on operating on the values of trust and quality. They’re able to determine if you’re that sleeper that wants to feel you’re on a firm foundation, or prefer the lightness of a cloud like topper. No matter your preference, we found Engineered Sleep can make it happen. 

Where you sleep matters. In fact, we recently received feedback from one of our guests who stayed in a property with us for the second time. His first time was on our original mattress. His second time, he was treated to the new Engineered Sleep mattress. We didn’t tell him about the change, he noticed on his own. He wrote to us to thank us for providing a space where he could truly rest, and wake refreshed, and inquired to find out exactly what mattress we had placed on the bed. 

We are so honored to partner with Engineered Sleep to provide our guests with a great night’s sleep, and now we want to share the love. Because we believe where you sleep matters, we are partnering to give away a free night’s stay at one of our properties and a free custom mattress from Engineered Sleep. The winner of this contest will select their mattress from the Engineered Sleep showroom based on their personal needs. 


To enter to win, Like us on Facebook or Instagram, and like and comment on the contest post. 

Earn an extra entry by sharing our contest post on Facebook or Instagram.

Contest runs today through Wednesday, November 21. Winner will be randomly chosen among contest entries and must be 21 years of age or older. This contest is in no way sponsored by Facebook or Instagram. 

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