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Greenville, SC is exploding and there are no signs of the growth slowing down. It has become a popular vacation destination and an even more popular place to lay down some roots. The housing market speaks to that (sheesh)! Here at Engineered Sleep we are all about getting proper rest and let's be honest - we all need a vacation every once in awhile! Well, we have just the spot for you to consider...

If you want to plan a visit to Greenville or a staycation you should check out a new AirBnB on the market, located on Addison Farms, called The Hive. It is a shipping container transformed into your very on heaven. Here is what they have to say:

Stay at The Hive | Addison Farms | Lake Saluda

"Built on the water’s edge of Saluda Lake, The Hive gives guests access to their own private dock for the ultimate place to unwind and relax. With FOUR garage doors, guests will have a LAKE VIEW from EVERY ROOM. Start the morning watching the sunrise over the water from your king-sized bed and end the day enjoying the indoor/outdoor shower and soaker tubs on the deck."

Addison Farm Rescue Animals
Can you explore Addison Farms? Of course! Visitors are invited to explore the 14-acres that makeup Addison Farms.  Relax on the dock, enjoy dinner in the garden, spend time meeting the rescue animals, or just find a quiet spot to read a book and unwind!

Let's not forget about the lake! You will only be steps away from the water, giving you stunning views from every room. With a private dock and access to kayaks and paddle boards, you have everything you need to explore the 330-acre lake or simply relax on the dock (or water hammock!) and soak in the view.

If you read this and you need a restful getaway weekend then go ahead and book your reservation at The Hive!

Enjoy our mattress while you are there! You will be sleeping on our ES Classic Hybrid 11" Ultra Plush Hybrid. This is a premium mattress for an AirBnB, rental, or guest room because of the value and feel it provides. For the price it is a very high quality mattress that goes above and beyond from a feel perspective. It is not too firm, but also not too is just right!

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