ES Explorer

$ 449.00 USD
Custom Cut

The ES Explorer is made with 700+ individually wrapped pocketed coils that provide great support and great comfort for all sleepers. The individual coils are combined with breathable comfort layers that provide a deluxe camping experience!

The 8" Medium Hybrid Plus uses a 1.5" Airflow Comfort Layer on top of the individual coils that is finished and cover with a cool Organic Cotton Quilt.

The 10" Plush Ultra Hybrid adds in 2" of premium ultra responsive EnerG Foam that offers a plush feel.

We recommend that you compare coil counts between mattresses...we use a unit that has 704 coils in a full size spring unit. The coils are made of 15.5 ga tempered coil wires. You will find many companies use units with as few as 252 coils in a full size traditional spring unit (not pocketed coil). The pocketed coil is also the the most expensive type of spring unit available!

Please call us if you have any questions at all about this product or want to talk about a special builds or sizes (866-244-0898).