Custom Mattresses

RVs | Boats | Trucks | Any Size, Any Shape

This company got its start by making custom mattresses for mostly RVs and Boats. We still live that out to this day and will never forget our roots in making custom mattresses.

The biggest advantage we have over our competition is the fact that we manufacture and sell our mattresses out of the same building. This gives us the ability to fulfill almost any request. We have made anything from a cheeseburger mattress to a 10'x11' mattress for an NBA player.

Our tagline, "Make Your Bed", comes from the idea that we can fulfill the smallest to the biggest requests you have when it comes to manufacturing your mattress. If you want your bed "a little bit softer" we can make it that way and explain to you how we are going to do that. You can even watch your very own mattress being made in our facility.

To order your custom mattress online visit Love My Mattress, the custom mattress division of Engineered Sleep, or call us at 866-244-0898.