RV 10" Plush Ultra Hybrid
RV 10" Plush Ultra Hybrid

RV 10" Plush Ultra Hybrid

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The RV 10" Plush Ultra Hybrid is made with 6" Bolsa Pocketed Coils that can be customized to fit any shape or size. The Bolsa coils are strong, providing great support and great comfort for all sleepers. The coils are topped with 1.8lb Convoluted Foam + 2" of Energex Foam to offer a PLUSH feel and a deluxe camping experience!

We recommend that you compare coil counts between mattresses...we use a unit that has 704 coils in a full size spring unit. The coils are made of 15.5 ga tempered coil wires. You will find many companies use units with as few as 252 coils in a full size traditional spring unit (not pocketed coil). The pocketed coil is also the the most expensive type of spring unit available!

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