Creating A Product With Value

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There are certain characteristics consumers look for in a product to determine its value. We will focus on two of the main ones.


Is this product constructed well? What kind of materials did the company use to make it? Is it going to last a long time? Those are all great questions when determining if a product is quality or not.

As companies grow larger it is easy for their quality to slip. The more products they are pumping out the harder it is to check and care for each one.


Price is probably the first thing most consumers look at when shopping. If it is out of your price range it doesn't matter how good the quality can't afford it! It is not good to pay too much, but even worse than that is if you pay too little. If you pay too little and buy something cheap then it might not even do what you bought it to do. At least if you paid too much you would be very happy with what you bought!

Quality + Price = Value | a measure of the benefit provided by a good or service to a consumer.

For a business to be able to offer you a product that has value they need to, first, have a great product...without that it doesn't matter. Once they have this great product how do they offer it to you at the best price and still make enough money to run their business successfully?

We have worked hard to be able to offer our customers a product of great value. Our goal was to make a mattress that would normally retail for around $1,800-$2,500 in stores and sell it directly from our factory for around $500-$800. We are proud of our products and we want our customers to be happy when they see our price, but ultimately we want them to sleep great for many years to come. We can't imagine selling a product at a good price just to get it out the door and then no one being satisfied by it. 


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