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"Make your bed" said Mom. This was a very common statement growing up in my household. I am sure that a lot of you can relate to that. That statement led to many arguments because...why did I need to make my bed? I was going to get right back in it that night and it would be all messed up again. As a child I could not understand the reasoning behind making my bed. I just saw it as an inconvenience and a waste of time.

It is ironic that I now help make beds for a living...

My brother and I grew up in the world of mattresses because our Grandfather started, Orderest, in 1931 (now Park Place Corporation), which is located here in Greenville. Our father, Jimmy Orders, went on to be President of that family run business and it is still going strong to this day. So, mattresses are in our blood. But lets be probably could have guessed that because nobody just randomly starts making mattresses for a living!

The Custom Mattress

A mattress is something you spend a ton of time on. Every. Single. Night. Of your life. Unless, you like to do a lot of camping (camping product in prototype stages)...or your wife kicks you out on to the couch, but, regardless, you spend a lot of time on a mattress.

Growing up in the mattress industry I never had to do the whole mattress buying thing. I just trusted that my dad would pick out a good one for me...and he did. That concept, the idea of trusting someone to pick out your mattress, really rings true to all of us. If you have been in a mattress store before you are really counting on the employee who is telling you about each mattress. You put a ton of trust in them. Other than having the opportunity to lay on and feel each bed the sales employee influences your decision big time.

This led us to the idea of being able to customize your mattress. It started under the name, Love My Mattress, and we made mattresses out of a garage and shipped them to mostly RV customers. Then we moved into a building slightly bigger than the garage. We had the opportunity to hand deliver a "Cheeseburger Mattress" to a party in NYC. We made a 10ft x 10ft bed for NBA player, Zach Randolph. We got the feeling we were on to something here. People love to customize their mattress! They love to have a little bit of control! Then in the middle of 2014 we moved to a bigger building...and then again, starting in January, we will be in an even bigger building. And we are excited! We are going to be able to offer all of you a mattress buying experience like nothing that has been done before.

We have an advantage over your normal retailers in that we make the mattresses we sell. We have another advantage over the retailers in that our customers can see their bed being made! If you get your bed and it is too soft or too firm you can bring it back and we can fix it...WHY? Because we made the bed! I like the word "value" because it means getting the most bang for your buck. We will put the value in our mattresses up against anyone in the industry...hands down.

We cannot wait for you to be able to come visit our new location in January. We will be located on Congaree Rd near the Haywood Mall (right next to Miyabi's). To keep up to date with our progress on the move please sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Sweet dreams! Remember to make your bed every morning. It is a good habit to get into starting at a young age.

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