The ES Duo™ Mattress: Frequently Asked Questions

The ES Duo is our most popular mattress - for good reason - it is very comfortable and it comes in 6 different firmness options that are interchangeable after your purchase. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from customers shopping the ES Duo:

1. Should I add the zoned lumbar support?

The added zoned lumbar support is great for someone who likes firm support in their mattress. It adds 9 rows of firmer pocketed coils in the center-third of the mattress to give more support for your lower back and hips.

For example - if you want firm support, but also plush comfort you would want to choose the ES Duo / Villa 4" with the added zoned lumbar support. This is not considered a PLUSH mattress overall, but a good combination of firm support and plush comfort.

If you have pressure point issues in your hips and need more forgiveness in that area we would not recommend adding the zoned lumbar. This will cause more soreness in your hips.

2. How do the Comfort Topper and the Support attach?

The ES Duo Latex Comfort Toppers attach to the Pocketed Coil Support through our unique zipper system. The zippers attach in the center on each side of the mattress. The zipper does not go fully around the mattress because our system allows it to work much better on power bases (to avoid the mattress "bunching up" when the head and feet are raised).

3. Does the ES Duo sleep hot?

We use a natural/synthetic blend of Dunlop Latex in our mattress finished by an Organic Cotton quilted cover. These materials allow you to naturally sleep very cool. Latex, unlike memory foam, does not absorb or trap the heat in your mattress. The perforated holes in the latex + its nature allow the heat to pass through and this create a cooler flow of air through your mattress.

4. How does the Comfort Exchange work?

The ES Duo comes with a 90 Night Sleep Trial and within these 90 days you can make ONE comfort exchange. If you chose the Trento 3" and wanted something softer you can switch to the Villa 4" (you would just pay the difference in cost).

Also, because we manufacture all of our mattresses in-house and ship them directly to you we pride ourselves in working with our customers to get their mattress to the correct comfort level - even if we have to come up with a unique design after speaking with you about what you are feeling.

If the product is still not working out for you after the exchange you are eligible for a full refund. We will either have your product picked up or coordinate a local donation. We understand mattress shopping can be very difficult and we do our best to satisfy every customer.

5. Can you clean the ES Duo topper?

We recommend you use one of our premium mattress protectors (or one of equal performance) to prevent stains. In case of a stain - you can clean the mattress topper. We recommend using Shout or Hydrogen Peroxide and then gently spot clean.


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