"The 2-Piece Mattress Guys"

Sometimes all a product needs to go from good to great is a small change. The 2-piece design of the DUO Mattress is simple and genius. It is genius because the support part of your mattress (typically consisting of a steel coil) will last significantly longer than any comfort layers you put on top of it. If one part of your mattress is going to wear out before the other then why sew them all together in one piece? Now, thanks to the EDUO Mattress, when the comfort of your mattress wears out you do not have to buy an entire new mattress...you just purchase a DUO Mattress Topper!

We saw a problem and we came up with a solution. Customer after customer would come into our showroom looking for a new mattress because theirs had a "giant hole" or "dip" where they laid each night.

The DUO Mattress not only solves this issue, but it is also made with very high quality materials that will hold up and give you great sleep for many years. Last, but not least - you are buying your mattress directly from the manufacturer which saves you hundreds to thousands of dollars for a comparable hybrid latex mattress.

The roots of Engineered Sleep's mattress manufacturing experience goes back 90 years. In 90 years we have made every type of mattress you can think of...and more.

We would love to make your next mattress. We suggest you start by checking out our DUO Mattress and you can even take our Comfort Quiz to help you make sure you get the right comfort.

You can also talk to one of our Sleep Experts at 866-244-0898.

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